• What is Franchising? And How It Works

    Franchising is a business arrangement where one party (franchiser) gives power and authority to the other party (franchisee) to expand the business’s geographical niche and market share at a low cost. After the franchiser and franchisee sign the contractual agreement, the latter can sell their products and services and get unrestricted power to use their brand ...
  • when-can-i-terminate-my-franchise-agreement

    As per a franchise agreement, the franchisee agrees to run the franchise for a set period (generally five or more years). This can be quite a daunting phase for franchises. As a potential franchisee, before you bind yourself to a franchise agreement, there are specific questions you need to ask, such as: Can I operate ...
  • how to franchise a business

    For what reason do some franchise outlets flourish while others end up with a ‘shut for business’ sign in the window? Now and then the franchise idea or area decides achievement; however a ton of it has to do with you, the franchisee. Settling on keen decisions at all times—certain entanglements—can have a major effect ...